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Whitetail hunting tips, adventures, news, gear, and blog. Please contact us if you have special requests or maybe looking for a possible last minute reduced special due to a cancellation as it does happen from time to time. It is my pleasure to present the 2018 manitoba hunting guide. We often joke we could fill a show with our blooper moments in the stand and i wanted to share my personal fav from this past fall. Ive seen emaciated deer wandering around in may, too weak to eat, but lately, ive seen triplets even coming into the yard. Been doing a lot of hunting this year in search for that monster manitoba whitetail is not coming easy but giving it all i got. The very best opportunities occur in the few states and provinces where the season opens in late august, or the first week of september, such as north dakota and manitoba. Hunting manitoba canada, big game outfitters, bear hunts. Wolf coyote open in the fall during any biggame season. Antlered a whitetailed deer, moose or elk having an antler exceeding 10.

Whitetail deer hunting manitoba guided whitetail hunts. Whitetail deer hunting season is six weeks away or less in many parts of the nation. The general rifle season for our most pursued big game animal, the whitetail deer, begins on november 9th across the province. While doe family groups will continue the pattern of visiting the fields well into october if not disturbed, that is not the case with bucks.

The prognosis is positive for bear, elk, moose, mulies, whitetail and more. As the manitoba government makes changes from year to year to number of deer a hunter can harvest, and season dates, etc. Jul 29, 2019 tim neuman from ani logics shows how to set up the ultimate mineral and protein site for whitetail deer. Our experienced guides have guided in this area for over 25 years. Whitetail deer archery august 31 to november 9, 2020.

The area consists of a mixture of thick bush and agricultural farmland and borders the northern boreal forest fringe. Souris river valley sw manitoba the local deer herd on our sw manitoba private ranchland is extremely healthy with a good buck to doe ratio. We hunt gha 19b which is one of the best areas in the province for trophy whitetail deer hunting. Located east of riding mountain national park in the parkland region, this area has vast amounts of agricultural farm fields that backup to forest creating the. Manitobans have been hunting since our earliest times in this province, so the practice has become part of our heritage. At manitoba guide service we offer guided archery whitetail deer hunts and guided rifle whitetail deer hunting as well as guided deer muzzleloader hunting. But i dont necessarily believe that is the main sell of this trip for us.

Trophy whitetail deer hunting northern whitetail outfitters saskatchewan photo 186. Whitetail deer archive manitoba hunting forum the premier. Manitoba, canada has become well known as a sleeper state for huge whitetail deer. November is a popluar month when it comes to hunting in manitoba. At sandy river outfitters our goal is to offer every hunter the opportunity to kill a mature canadian trophy whitetail deer. Manitoba hunting forum the premier hunting forum of.

Manitoba conservation and water stewardship is committed to the longterm management of our natural resources to ensure we. Tips for taking early season whitetails guide outdoors. Ontario deer hunting whitetail trophy buck hunt non. Whitetail deer hunts are popular in areas of the parkland, western, central plains pembina, interlake and eastern region.

Manitoba is on the northern end of the whitetails range. Deer hunting bloopers from manitoba midwest whitetail. Manitoba is equivalent in land mass to the state of texas and the total number of bow hunters that purchase an archery whitetail deer tag in manitoba every year is roughly 3,200, muzzleloader hunting licences sales are roughly 6,000 and rifle whitetail. Whitetail deer muzzleloader october 19 to november 8, 2020. Manitoba3 2015 hunting guide welcome to the 2015 hunting season. The wildlife subcommittee includes members of hunting and trapping. You can also tell us your whitetail hunting story and submit whitetail hunting pictures to be posted on line in our section. Archery october 3, 2015 muzzleload october 17, 2015 rifle october 31, 2015. Wolf october 19 to november 1, and november 30 to december, 2020. So we have big deer, our own brand of minnesota whitetail.

Manitoba this is a seven day flyin guided moose hunt in northwest manitoba, canada. Manitoba whitetail hunting pricesrates no trophy fees. Beginning with the 20152016 season every purchaser of a deer tags must report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if they did not hunt. Archive whitetail deer is one of manitobas most hunted species. Persons hunting big game must use an authorized bow and an authorized arrow. Depending on the game hunting area gha, hunting season dates are primarily during the months of september through december. Manitoba5 2014 hunting guide big game whitetailed deer seasons the bag limit for the 2014 general deer licence has been changed to one buck antlered deer. Neither of these activities would be very adversely affected by a deer season camp site provided the campers are respectful of the land. Whitetail deer hunting for whitetail deer whitetail deer. Deer hunting california department of fish and wildlife. This buck has a few extra points, which will take away from it. Whitetail deer rifle season begins november 8th for 3 weeks. Whitetailed deer with muzzleloader in gha 25a on october 21, 2019. Lots of leg work and hard scouting is required to ensure that proper stand placement is attained.

The interlake region of manitoba has a strong history of producing high scoring whitetails. After a busy elk season followed by waterfowl, i didnt get. Toward the east roam northern whitetails the same subspecies that grows big in the trophyrich states of wisconsin, iowa, illinois, and places north. The use photosimages from this site is prohibited without the written permission of the manitoba big game trophy association. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind, and things to look for, when scouting for those opening day. Many years ive spent full deer seasons in the woods and left empty handed. Tim thompson 181 28 2015 provincial champion typical whitetail. Manitoba whitetail hunting whitetail hunts manitoba. I feel it is because the hunting is from one of our remote deer camps in the middle of nowhere, combined with shooting bucks with great mass and dark. Muzzled loader hunts in manitoba take place the first week in november. This deer is the same kind of deer, but it just didnt grow that perfect set of horns like the hanson deer.

Alberta whitetail deer hunting with jim benton monster bucks of the canadian north duration. Whitetail deer hunting in manitoba canada outdoor life. Whitetail deer odocoileus virginianus are the most common large north american land mammal, and one of the most popular animals to hunt in the world. Kentucky deer seasons kentucky hunting outfitters, ky. This location, spanning the forest fringe and agricultural land, is a hot spot for whitetail deer, offering optimum growing conditions for bigbodied deer. See more ideas about whitetail bucks, white tail and deer. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind, and things to look for.

There is no baiting allowed in manitoba and therefore the hunt we offer is of the traditional style. White tailed deer hunting seasons species gear zones where hunting is permitted hunting seasons 2020 hunting seasons 2021 whitetailed deer gear. During the careers of most deer hunters, a predictable transition occurs. Manitoba is equivalent in land mass to the state of texas and the total number of bow hunters that purchase an archery whitetail deer tag in manitoba every year is roughly 3,200, muzzleloader hunting licences sales are. Guided whitetail deer hunting manitoba guide service. Blue haze hunt club is a manitoba whitetail deer hunting outfitter operating in the western area of the province, near riding mountain national park. In this remote location on the shores of lake manitoba you wont see another hunter all day but the trophy manitoba bucks will keep you busy. We are following justin byers on a guided whitetail hunt and tim coots out in kansas for the last few days of rifle season. Hey bill, my hunting partner and i have been following you for about 4 years. Alberta whitetails whitetail deer hunting alberta canada. Our whitetail deer hunts are conducted in wildlife management unit 506, approximately 90 minutes north of the city of edmonton, alberta. We are proud of the fact that our hunters have had an annual success rate of over 85%. Oct 27, 2019 a place where serious trophy whitetail hunters can share photos, stories, and strategies.

Basic fish and wildlife regulations for manitoba can be found in the hunting, angling and trapping guides. It is prime habitat for whitetail deer and is well known for producing world class bucks. Whitetail deer muzzleloader season october 18th for 3 weeks. Some of the best manitoba whitetail deer hunting in wilderness woods at riverside lodge. Late season moose and elk also begin on november 30 for manitoba residents. At manitoba guide service our goal is to offer every hunter the opportunity to kill a mature trophy canadian whitetail deer. Dryden ontario whitetail deer hunting rugby lake lodge. Nov 26, 2015 before i could snuggle my cheek down onto the stock, the buck simply disappeared into the timber. For successful hunters, the report must be made within 30 days of harvesting a deer or by january 31, whichever date is first. With warm weather in the forecast, migratory game bird.

Deer hunting new deer harvest reporting requirement. Manitoba whitetail hunting trophy manitoba whitetail hunts. Manitoba hunting packages and rates mountain oak outfitters. Its opening day of whitetail deer archery season in hulett, wyoming and mark drury is in a tree stand the first morning ready to take down a big buck at. From state harvest reports, i found that around 360,000 hunters took 2,000 total deer in 2014 and again in 2015, only a few deer off the alltime record in. Field photos of some of the highest scoring book entries for the 2015 season.

Deeper snow or colder weather kill off a lot of small does. Manitoba deer hunting sandy river outfitters trophy. Notify me of followup comments via email recaptcha. Our seasoned guides will do everything possible to make your manitoba whitetail hunt the hunt of a. Many of the finest whitetail deer in manitoba have come from the riding mountain region.

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