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Plate tectonic animation earthguide online classroom. Paleogis is an analysis tool that enables geologists and gis professionals to dynamically visualize, characterize and understand basin and play development. Layered earth integrates your earth science curriculum with software modelling tectonic plate boundaries, mountain ranges, volcanoes, earthquakes and more. More specifically, it models a sped up version of three kinds of plate boundaries two converging continental plates, two diverging oceanic plates, and the convergence of a continental and oceanic plate. If they are reversed, then plate 1 will use its leftmost ones, and plate 2 its rightmost. The actual developer of the free software is university of colorado, department of physics. The crust and the solid upper layer of the mantle are known as the lithosphere. Deduce the type of plate boundary given images or descriptions of surface features. Plate tectonic simulator with earth data as sample reddit. Plate tectonics drive tropical reef biodiversity dynamics. In this investigation student use actual data and a cdrom computer simulation designed at the lawrence hall of science to investigate the geology of plate boundaries. Modeling plate tectonics for learning concord consortium.

Mesozoic subduction drawn and animated by tanya atwater using photoshop and morph. Continental drift interactive simulations edumedia. Dana, 1880 and its fundamental meaning has been a matter of hot debate e. My program portrays the interactions between tectonic plates using cellular automata animations. Return fullscreen f11 ocean shadows snow sediment plants satellite topographic map. The simulator starts with a flat fractal map and splits it randomly into plates. To calculate displacement magnitude, the simulation creates a smooth gaussian function. Observe animations of processes that occur along plate. Sep 08, 2016 the real noahs ark found by archaeologist ron wyatt.

Writing a tectonics simulator in a browser is hard stuff. Platec is a 2d terrain generator that uses a simplified model of plate tectonics to produce realistic heightmaps in real. The movement of the earths plates can produce earthquakes and volcanoes, and result in the formation of mountains over geological time. Image from terashake visualization at the san diego supercomputer center. Dec 18, 2012 plate tectonics in this simulation from the university of colorado, students can move mountains and create oceans. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Deglaciation of north america, 20 to 6 thousand years ago. Explain which types of plate boundaries create crust, and which destroy crust. Noting that the system in reference for this particular crosscutting concept is plate tectonics, it is important for students to understand the role models and simulations play in our ability to investigate and explain largesized, complex, and extremely large timeframe phenomena. Paleogis plate tectonics and basin modeling software. Plate tectonics lesson summary overview according to the theory of plate tectonics, earths crust is composed of a number of individual plates that change shape and position over time. It looks like youre using a browser that supports webgl, but you just need to modify some settings, first. Discover how to create new mountains, volcanoes, or oceans. A hosted plate tectonics reconstruction application, paleoweb is powered by opensource technologies and designed for geology, geoscience and life science academic and research communities. Using a web gis plate tectonics simulation to promote. Gplates enables both the visualisation and the manipulation of plate tectonic reconstructions and associated data through geological time. Gplates is desktop software for the interactive visualisation of platetectonics. The gplates web portal is a gateway to a series of web pages for the interactive visualisation of cuttingedge geoscience datasets, all possible within freely available web browsers. Computer simulation of plate tectonics and the circulation of hot rock material in the earths mantle. The visible features include cold plates bluegreen subducting down unilaterally from the.

Earth science education in 2008 we launched layered earth, the most complete interactive simulation based earth sciences curriculum for k12 and college. The simulation splits the lithosprehe into random plates and. Real time 2d plate tectonics simulation running on pentium 4 cpu and 1 gb ram. Continental drift, seafloor spreading, and plate boundaries interactive animations simulate an overview of the theory of plate tectonics rock and mineral data crustal and sediment thickness, gamma dose, geological age, minerals production, rock types, seafloor age, soil regions and wind erosion are all modelled in layered earth. The geological models for explorations of dynamic earth geode project, funded by the national science foundation, is developing new geodynamic plate tectonic modeling software for middle school earth science classrooms that allows students to observe and describe the formation of surface geologic features in terms of plate interactions. It aims to use simple yet scientifically defensible models that may be easily understood by nonexperts and modified by developers. Modeling plate tectonics is a tool for reconstructing or predicting geological environments through earths history.

Gplates is an interactive plate tectonics visualisation program. Earth science education in 2008 we launched layered earth, the most complete interactive simulationbased earth sciences curriculum for k12 and college. Expansion tectonics is a new way of looking at and using modern geological mapping and global evidence about the earth. The continents, which are made of an insubmersible lightweight crust, passively drift with the movement of the lithospheric plates on which they sit. Platec is a 2d terrain generator that uses a simplified model of plate tectonics to produce realistic heightmaps in real time. It should be able to output a heightmap with detail as fine as possible. The ensuing theory, known as plate tectonics, has had a major impact on earth sciences. Illustrates the geological processes commonly found at subduction zones. Plate tectonics drive the evolution of oceanic basins and mountain chains through the motions of continental plates across the surface of the earth 6.

Layered earth earth science simulation and curriculum. Gplates is desktop software for the interactive visualisation of plate tectonics gplates offers a novel combination of interactive plate tectonic reconstructions, geographic information system gis functionality and raster data visualisation. Gplates enables interactive visualisation and manipulation of the plate tectonic reconstructions of geological and paleogeographic features through geological time. Plate tectonics crust lithosphere mantle phet interactive.

Nextgeneration platetectonic reconstructions using. Geophysical evidence indicates that the face of earths surface has changed significantly since its initial formation and that the plates on which the continents. Plate tectonics are a very complicated subject that shape the planet, they can be difficult to understand and study, so any virtual model or simulation can help. Ucsb geology plate tectonics animation downloads explanations to be used in conjunction with ucsb animations mesozoic subduction section view of subduction off ca coast, 01. At least flash player 8 required to run this simulation. Visualization by amit chourasia, steve cutchin visualization services, sdsc. Plate tectonics simulation complete the quiz as you do the simulation. The ability to view the world even in a lowdetail manner as the simulation is in progress is almost a necessity. Change temperature, composition, and thickness of plates.

The ability to view the world even in a lowdetail manner as the simulation is. By changing the temperature, composition and thickness of tectonic plates, students can envision how the earths surface moves and changes. Aug 03, 2015 platec is a 2d terrain generator that uses a simplified model of plate tectonics to produce realistic heightmaps in real time. Using a web gis plate tectonics simulation to promote geospatial thinking alec m. Free plate tectonics software for academics and researchers. Meets national science standards and state standards for california, florida, new york, and texas. Modeling plate tectonics is easier with paleogis software. Pytectonics is a 3d plate tectonics simulator written in python to provide realistic terrain generation for enthusiast world builders.

Our antivirus check shows that this download is malware free. The theory of plate tectonics explains the formation and global distribution of. Draw a time series for different types of plate boundaries and their motions, indicating the related surface features. It allows you to create realistic fantasy worlds from your web browser. Explore how plates move on the surface of the earth. Jun 14, 2016 simulation of deep earth convection with blue colours in the interior outlining sinking subducted slabs and red colours outlining rising plumes in the earths interior, while the system of. Observe animations of processes that occur along plate boundaries.

Simulation encapsulates all of science and history, and requires cutting edge technology. Bodzin,1,a david anastasio,2 rajhida sharif,2 and scott rutzmoser3 abstract learning with webbased geographic information system web gis can promote geospatial thinking and analysis of georeferenced data. Discover and collaborate with paleoweb free plate tectonics software for academics and researchers. The heat from inside the earth causes the material of the mantle to permanently rise up along the ocean ridges, resulting in the formation of a dense basaltic crust which slowly rolls away from the ridge, much like a rug being rolled up. It represents a scientific revolution as significant to geology as relativity was to physics. If continents of two plates collide, they fold creating mountain belts. Simulation describes a broad spectrum of phenomenon translated into a computational approximation. Simulation of mantle convection and evolving tectonic plate. Simulation of the movement of plates and formation of mountains. Plate tectonic animations thirteen simple plate tectonic animations gifs grouped into two related series depicting. Layered earth geology simulation software and curriculum. If nothing else you could use it as a sketching tool for a 3d view of a world and ignore the plate drift parts oh, and load the sample data and watch the last 140ma of earth tectonics. Gplates offers a novel combination of interactive platetectonic reconstructions. This modern mapping and evidence is used here to accurately reconstruct past assemblages of the ancient continents and oceans back in time with a precision never before attained.

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