Wildland fire leadership values and principles pdf

Listen to early contributors to the wildland fire leadership initiative share their unique historical perspectives in a panel hosted by orange county fire authority on december 4, 2019. The values of duty, respect, and integrity and the 11 supporting principles are the foundation of wildland fire leadership, providing leaders a firm ethical base for the practice of leadership in the wildland fire environment. Take a moment to read them, commit them to memory, and lead well in their honor. Wildland fire leadership a forum where students of fire and leadership come together to discuss, debate and exchange leadership development concepts, experience, and thoughts with an intent to promote cultural change in the workforce and strengthen the wildland fire service and the communities they serve. Federal wildland fire management policy and doctrine. Wildland fire management policy, and the forest service 20152020 strategic plan. Be proficient in your job, both technically and as a leader. Ensure tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished.

Our complete blog policy can be found at a yellow box will appear. Advise students to document instances within the film that illustrateviolate the wildland fire leadership values and principles on the handout provided. We believe that more fully incorporating the principles we present in this document will help the forest service to more effectively and efficiently implement existing policy. Iawf views these principles of conduct as mandatory and expects all. Article pdf available in international journal of wildland fire 284 january 2019 with 39 reads. Values and principles wildland fire leadership development. A publication of the leading in the national wildfire. Cal fire wildland urban interface operating principles. Eleven principles describing tangible behaviors that reflect and demonstrate the wildland fire leadership values. It outlines the framework, values, and principles that guide wildland fire leaders in providing leadership across a broad range of missions. Review the wildland fire leadership values and principles with students. Leadership principles are the foundational doctrine on which fire and. Preparation is a key component in effective fire fightingand its more than your gear and equipment that need attentionyour mental preparation is just as important.

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